why ish?

Cookbookish started as an instagram account where I could post photos of the food I made (mostly at school) and was inspired by. It was a place where my "recipes" lived and was mostly used for my own purposes.

So why "ish"? Ish because I am not a recipe developer, not a professional chef, have never worked at a restaurant, coffee shop, or food establishment. Ish because as much as I can appreciate an intricate and ingredient heavy recipe, as a teacher, I just don't have the time. I need easy to make, on the go meals that are still healthy, colorful, tasty, and nutrient dense. Ish because I don't create recipes, just suggestions of simple ingredients that you can mix and match in fun and delicious ways with minimal prep time. 

 Now, I'm excited to share my creations with other teachers like me, who may, in the craziness that is the school day, find it difficult to get the nutrients they need. 

If you're a teacher who a) feels like you have no time during the day b) struggles to retain energy into the afternoon c) wants to eat healthy but isn't sure how to make it work with your busy schedule, then this is for you. Welcome!