Quinoa Pasta

I'm a big fan of quinoa based pastas. I love the texture of pasta but love the nutritional value of quinoa even more, so this is a great in-between. I recommend making a batch of pasta at the beginning of the week and then mixing and matching it with different combos of food (see below) on different days. Above, I mixed it with pesto, organic peas, heirloom tomatoes, bibb lettuce, avocado, and sprinkled it with chia seeds. All I had to do beforehand was prep the pasta/peas, and I prepared my tomatoes/avocados/lettuce at school in under 10 mins. 

*Quinoa pasta disclaimer: this pasta tends to get drier than other pastas/sticks together when refrigerated. When I'm ready to eat a new small batch of it, I'll usually drop a small dollop of coconut oil into my dish and then microwave for a couple of minutes. The coconut oil tastes great, is great for you, and also prevents your pasta from being sticky or hard/having a weird consistency.