Power Grains Waffles


This is a Van's Power Grains Waffle toasted and topped with Jem Organics Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Spreadgoji berries, sunflower/chia/flax seeds, and strawberry/banana slices. 

Not pictured here, but I also love Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Waffles

Both waffle brands are excellent choices because they're vegan with significant amounts of fiber and protein and low in sugar. They're also made with pronounce-able & hearty ingredients like whole wheat flour, steel cut oats, brown rice, wheat protein, barley flour, sprouted chia/millet/flax, and spelt. 

Goji berries are awesome as toppings because they're antioxidant filled lil guys that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any sugar crash. They're filled with all kinds of vitamins and minerals and are good for boosting immunity. 

Chia seeds are just the best. I put them on literally everything because they're essentially tasteless but add a little texture and a ton of health benefits to any food (or drink!). These seeds are filled with fiber, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids (ditto Flax Seeds). 

Pumpkin seeds have magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin K, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein. And so tasty. Sold.