Tumeric Healing Potion

Teachers are so susceptible to getting sick being around soso many germs basically all the time. As the seasons change and we leave the "honeymoon period" of the school year, our stress levels rise and when this happens, we're double as likely to get sick because our immunity goes down. When I'm feeling any kind of sickness come on, my favorite thing to do is make myself a big cup of Tumeric Healing Potion! Literally whenever my teacher friends are sick, I tell them to ingest tumeric in some form -- put it in your tea, bake it into your chicken, coat your sauteed green beans with it -- whatever! It's truly nature's medicine because it's super anti-inflammatory, improves brain function, and prevents disease. Need I say more?! 



1 cup milk (I love coconut milk, but any milk works)

1 tbsp tumeric 

1 tbsp raw honey

A few drops of vanilla extract 

A few drops of cardamom extract

A pinch of black pepper (helps your body absorb the tumeric) 

Optional: scoop of collagen peptides 


1. Heat milk up on the stove

2. Add tumeric and stir

3. Add honey, vanilla, cardamom, black pepper, and stir.